Kensington Capital Corporation will help facilitate a comprehensive program to take your company public on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board OTCBB or on the pink sheets. As part of the listing process for the OTC Bulletin Board® and the Pink Sheets®, an introductory market maker must demonstrate compliance with SEC Rule 15c-211, which involves a substantial amount of due diligence and filing of Information Statement on Form 211 with the regulatory authorities.

We help small, qualified companies prepare and file the necessary paperwork to get them trading on the OTC Bulletin Board® or the Pink Sheets® promptly and efficiently. Although most of our clients aim for the OTCBB®, we welcome companies that intend to use the Pink Sheets® listing as an intermediate step to becoming a fully reporting company with the SEC.

What distinguishes Kensington Capital from other market makers is that we conduct a great deal of due diligence on each and every Form 211 client. A substantial amount of front-end research combined with years of experience makes the process as timely and efficient as possible.