Executives often develop concentrated equity positions as they accumulate shares of their employers' stock through compensation plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, retirement plans and stock options. When a large percentage of your portfolio is invested in one stock, your financial well-being is largely dependent on the successful performance of that one security - and that's rarely an ideal scenario. On the other hand, the prospect of selling part or all of your position may be undesirable because the cost basis on these large positions is often low and the capital gains tax on such transactions can be substantial. In addition, for any number of reasons, you may not want to part with all of your employer's stock.

Kensington Capital Corporation can help you assess your current asset allocation and propose a strategy for diversifying your concentrated position in the most tax-efficient way possible. Many strategies even allow you to maintain ownership of the stock while at the same time mitigating the risk associated with the concentrated position. Depending upon your objectives, you may choose to gradually sell and reposition your assets or to establish a charitable trust. Either way our experienced account executives can help guide you in accomplishing your goals.