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Kensington Capital Corporation can help with the investment-related needs of corporate executives, such as handling Rule 144 securities and concentrated equity solutions, sorting out the complexities of employer stock options.

Corporate executives invariably face unusual financial challenges that require the assistance of financial, legal and tax experts. Kensington Capital Corporation offers a variety of investment-related services for executives:


Assistance With Rule 144 Securities

Concentrated Equity Solutions

Assistance With Rule 144 Securities


Rule 144 applies to the resale by shareholders of stock acquired by means that do not involve a registration. The purpose of the rule is to prevent issuers from selling stock on an exempt basis (without registering the shares) to a purchaser who then distributes the stock to others. This is considered an underwriting unless Rule 144 is followed.

The Rule prescribes holding periods for stock and makes a distinction between "affiliates" and non-control persons.

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