What is included in calculation of my balance?
Your account balance includes all cash, money market funds, stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and options in your account. Margin loans, if any, do not count toward your balance. Balances from separate accounts are not combined in determining the qualification.

Does Kensington Capital pay interest on credit balances?
Yes. By default, cash balances of $500 or more earn an annual interest rate of 0.025% (as of 9/01/2010). If your cash balances are swept into a money market portfolio, you will earn the current interest rate for that portfolio. Money market rates are updated regularly on our pricing details.

Can I trade futures?
Yes, you may trade futures at Kensington Capital. Please visit our Futures page for information on futures access, platforms, service, pricing, and deposits.

How do I make my initial deposit?
Choose the method that works best for you:
By Check
If you're applying by mail, include a personal, cashier's, or bank check made payable to First Southwest Company Securities with your account application and send it to the appropriate address.

By Wire Transfer
Call us at 718 436-2111 x 13 for wire instructions or click on the link . A new account must be approved before a wire can be sent. Upon approval, you will be given an account number and receive the wire instructions.

Is it easy to withdraw money from my account?
Yes, via check, wire or write your own check.

Can I write checks from my account at Kensington Capital?
Kensington Capital offers unlimited check writing. There is no per-check minimum amount. You can download the checking application online from our forms library once your account has been opened. Please note: your account at Kensington Capital is not FDIC-insured or bank guaranteed.

Do you offer investment advice?
Yes, please speak to your account executive for details.